Writing Activities for Composition Teachers


Sample Syllabi
My Fall 2006 Syllabus
Sample Syllabi for Composition Classes
Conference Questions
Sample Syllabus for A Personal Writing Class
Quotations about personal narrative writing
Sample course Evaluation form

Author’s notes

Academic Honor Code

Introductory Activities
Community Building Activities
What makes writing a positive or negative experience
Interview to Create Portraits

Ways to help students find topics
Using Free Writing to Find a Topic
Ways to get ideas for papers
Finding a subject
Using Genres to get ideas
Writing From Artifacts
Guided Imagery: Shifts of vision
Emotional topics

Ways to Use Journals
Journal Writing: General Considerations
Collecting Exercise
Journal prompts for imaginative thinking

The Writer's Craft
The Writer’s Craft
Time Exercises
Handling Problems of Time and Pace
Show not Tell
Emotional Words
Writers Block
Audience Exercise
Vague Sentences
Horoscope activity
Writing With a Bad Attitude
Creating Characters
Writing Outside the story

Dialogue Writing Tips

Dialogue Writing Tips Handout

Leads, Endings and Titles
Leads and Endings (general)
Exercises With Leads
Examples of Leads
Beginning with a given first line

What is this story about?

Circles of Meaning

Place Descriptions
Travel Writing
Exercises to improve description
Show not Tell

Revision and Editing
Revision and Editing
Revision: Opening up your story
Revision:  Unsetttling your Drafts
Revision Exercise
Editing Tips
Editing Activities
Common Errors

Radical Revision

High Order Concerns vs. Low Order Concerns

Peer Response
Peer Response
Helping Students to Become Effective Critics of Each Other's Work
The Language of Response
Guidelines for Response Groups
Response Sheet for Drafts
Responding to Touchy Issues that Surface in Student Writing

Teaching the Three Search Paper
Three Search Schedule
Interview Schedule Sheet
Writing about Issues
Finding the Research Question
Criteria for the Evaluation of Three Search Papers
Examples of Three Search Papers
Multi-genre activities

Some hints about Library Research (student handout)

Revising and Editing the three search paper 

Collaborative Writing
Collaborative Writing
Collaborative writing activities
Collaborative Writing project
Example of a Collaborative Paper

Evaluation and Grading
Qualities of Good Writing
Grading Sheet
Portfolio Interview

Activities to spark poetry
Worksheet for family poetry
Mnemonic poem

Additional Readings for Discussion in Class

Learning the hard way

The Singer Solution to World Poverty

The Drowning child and the expanding circle

Dangerous Parties

Voices of the Endangered American Black Male