1911 Model T Torpedo #58336

Progress as of 5/7/Y2K


The glacier has receeded for the summer and the ambient temperature has returned to a civilized level. Today I celebrated the rights of spring by assembling most of the chassis to the 1911 torpedo and mounting the body on same. Here are some views of the progress I have made.

The Chassis

The Motor

Recall that this is the motor that had the worst case of erosion around the number 4 exhaust port that I have ever seen. Chuck Clements did the flame spray welding, and now the engine is back together and sitting in the frame.

The Body

Most of last summer was spent working on the body and fenders. These have been in final paint for about 8 months (the paint is well cured). I sanded the body platform with 1200 grit then buffed it out this afternoon. The goober under the left front panel has pretty well disappeared. So have the little dust spots and the spot where the black fly decided to go for a stroll before the paint had dried.

The Whole Enchilada

Late this evening the body was set on and temporarily bolted down. So now it looks like this:


Progress, no matter how slow, is still progress. I don't think we will make Richmond with the torpedo this year, but it should be running before Hershey.