Don Lang's New Toy

1909 Model T Ford Touring

On Friday July 28, 2000 Don Lang purchased a 1909 Model T touring car. The car was purchased from the estate of George Antinarella. George had bought the car in 1948 and driven it extensively in the early 1950's. The car has a five Glidden tour plaques on the dash for the years 1951 through 1955.

The engine number on the block is 7299, making this an early July 1909 car. The engine has all the characteristics of a '09 including the open valve engine, low head with Ford script but no Made in U.S.A, one piece pan and the square hole transmission cover.


The car's body is made entirely of wood. It is currently painted a dark red and in very good condition.

One of the interesting things about this body is the number under the front seat: F67. At this point we are uncertain which body maker made this body.


One of the strong points of this car is its upholstery - the original upholstery survives in excellent condition.


The top bows, irons and even the top material itself appears to be original as well.


The dash appears to be an old reproduction. Currently the coil box is a Heinze, but the speedometer is correct, as is the entire steering column assembly.


The headlights on the car are Brown 15, and the sidelights are standard E&J Pat. 1908. The gas generator came with the car (along with a Prestolite tank) and it too is a Brown. The radiator is a later one, probably 1913-14.


Along with the car came a tool box. Inside the tool box were some small parts George had carried around with the car on tour. Among the items was the Soot-Proof spark plug. This is one of the types of spark plug that were issued as standard equipment when the 1909 Model T left the Piquette Factory. This is only the fifth one of these plugs I have ever seen - the other four are in Henry Ford's 1907 experimental tractor that is currently on the floor of the Museum in Dearborn.