Research Topics on the Model T Ford
Dearborn Report for 1/7/99
More On Oilers
Dearborn Report for 1/24/99
1927 Engine Paint
Information and pictures of my candidate for M-124 Moleskin Motor Pyroxlin.
        The 1999 Stynoski Winner
                                                    Pictures of the 1999 Stynoski winning Model T Ford
                                                    from the MTFCI National Tour in Park Rapids, MN.
The Missing 1913 Spindle Oiler
An update on the Zerk Spindle Bolt oiler that may have been used from November 1912 to March 1913 and pictures of the latest discovery.
A Visit to the Stacks
A glimpse into the library stacks where the records of the Model T Ford are stored at the Research Center, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
Torpedo #58336
Photographic progress report as of 5/7/Y2K
1907 Model N Ford
A look at a 1907 Model N Ford, including the engine and transmission.
State of the Torpedo Report II
Latest pictures and progress report on the restoration of a 1911 Model T Torpedo Runabout #58336 dated 6/18/Y2K.
Homecoming of a Model N Ford
Photos and text from the return of a Model N Ford to the place of its manufacture - the Piquette Avenue Plant.
A Look at a 1909 Touring
A 1909 is pulled from storage after 3 decades.  Here is what this original car looks like.

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