Grading Sheet for Writing Assignments

Rubric for Summary of a science article

Difficulty               3
Content                  2
Punctuation, &
Spelling                 1
Structure                2
Readability            2
Total                   10

You must attach a photocopy of the article to your summary. If it is an online journal it must also print out the sidebars. Do NOT rip articles out of magazines and attached them. If it is your magazine give me the whole magazine.

Rubric for an Position Paper
Content              3
GP&S                2
Structure            3
Readability        2
Total              10

No bibliography -1.0
incorrect format -.5        -> from final grade

What you'll see on your paper

Restructure -.5 S
? -.3 R
syntax -.3 G
¶ -.4 S
NC -.3 R
WW -.2 G
spell -.3 G
wk intro -.5 S
wk concl -.3 S
no intro/concl -1.0 S
choppy -.3 R
transition -.3 S
ref -.3 S
Lost me -.3 R
NAS -.3 S
ROS -.3 S

Folks here are some things to remember. (2 yr. limit for article, except ones on gemstones)
1. I am the audience
2. If article is content heavy - be general
3. Have your paper proofed by someone.
4. In this article - ugh!! It is not wrong but ...
5. Avoid using quotes, especially in the conclusion and introduction.
6. DO NOT write like you talk. a) dangling participles, b) redundant, c) they (referent), d) extra words
7. Plagiarism- I read all the articles so it is easy for me to catch you. Changing one (1) or two (2) words in a sentence is still plagiarism. Check this link too