1. Attendance is up to you.  However, you are responsible for what ever happened while you were gone.  (But before you skip see 3 below.)2. Specific requirements include textbook readings in advance of the lecture on that chapter, and short writing assignments (group and individual) done in class, which will count as quiz grades. The in class assignments will take a variety of forms. Please come to class prepared.3. Quizzes are unannounced, there will be approximately eight (8) of them. If you have decided to not attend class that day you will get a zero (0).  (No questions asked, no excuses accepted).  At the end of the semester I will drop one zero (0) or your lowest quiz grade.  Quizzes will start 2 minutes after the beginning of class; if you are late you will not be allowed to take the quiz and will be given a zero.  (No questions asked, no excuses accepted)