Large Web sites with Astronomy Activities

Exploratorium- one of the first (if not the first) and one of the largest science web sites by a museum

            Solar System Activities

The Hawai`i Space Grant Consortium is developing interdisciplinary education, research, and public service programs related to space science, earth science, remote sensing, human exploration and development of space, and aerospace technology. Plus they have very good classroom activities. Thanks to Kim Jones for this site (hint: she will need a job in 1 year!) and showing me the Solar System Activities

Franklin Institute

       Planet fact sheet –  NASA link from Franklin, boring but it has all the data

Basic links to Solar System info and activities:


             Goose Holler Middle School – weight, age and how high can you jump? I’m not  sure if this is a real school. But the activity is legit.

            Solar system models – with links to many great spots

            Meta links page – this guy does not have a life

   – a great resource for all astronomy, but this link goes to the solar system activity. Good links at the end of the activity.

            Scaled Solar System web page – why we call it space – one of my favorites

            Solar System Web quest – put those computers to work.

            Enchanted Learning – solar system model – what is wrong here?


Constellation information





Astrobiology is the study of the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe.

NASA has a bunch of sites that deal with astrobiology.


Other sites include:


Two other sites that should be used for background material