What is SCIENCE?
A. Underlying assumption - the natural world behaves in a consistent and predictable manner.

B. FACTS - come from observation and measurement

1. standard measures
2. observer dependent
C. Hypothesis
1. explanations of facts
2. there can be more than one for the same set of facts
D. Theory
1. when only one hypothesis is left after lots of testing
2. high confidence - predictability
3. best testable explanation at that time
4. decided by scientists
E. Laws
1. describes what will happen
2. does NOT explain why
F. Scientific Methodology
1. There is NO one Scientific Method
a) collect facts
b) form hypothesis
c) construct experiments (test)
d) accept, modify or reject
2. Serendipity

G. General Guides for science
1. testable
2. Replicable
3. falsifiable
4. peer reviewed
5. changes with time (tentative)
6. product of culture

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