Quack Remedies, False Prophets and Unwarranted Claims

Course Code: PSDI 2190

Professor: Fedorchak,  Plymouth State University


The following are some useful Web Sites for class projects and general everyday use.  As everyone familiar with web browsing is probably aware, each site contains links to many other related sites.

The Amazing Randiís Web Site:


Dr. Steven Barrettís Health Fraud website:


Homepage for the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices (Minneapolis, MN; Proprietor: Bob McCoy).    Note:  the museum has relocated, but the site still containns a lot of interesting and unusual stuff.


Web site for the journal Skeptical Inquirer and itís related organization, CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal)


The skeptics Dictionary is an excellent website.   Almost all of the topics are well written and contain numerous links to related topics.  Try it.


Also useful is the website for the Federal Trade Commission: www.ftc.gov   This government site often contains press releases and other information (click on  http://www.ftc.gov/opa/index.shtml ) about companies being charged with false advertising - sometimes even as they (the companies) continue to advertise the questionable product(s) on television, radio or in print.