Paul Fedorchak
Plymouth State University
Department of Psychology

Paul M. Fedorchak
Department of Psychology
Office: Hyde, Rm 429

Cell phone: 603-321-7798

Courses I teach
(which may or may not be offered this semester)

Learning (PS 3210)

Introductory Psychology

Quack Remedies, False Prophets and Unwarranted Claims (PSDI 2190)

Quackery websites

Research Methods in Psych(PS3150)

In Feb 2003 I appeared on NPR's Front Porch with John Walters to talk about my caffeine research and my Quack Remedies Course.  Click the link below to listen to a taped version of this interview.

 NHPR Interview (Feb 2003)

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 The poster above is recognized worldwide as an ad for the P.J. Noyes Company, a company that makes and ships food pellets and other special diets to animal laboratories around the world.   It had been hanging in my office for years before I learned that these two famous rodents had been photographed right here at Plymouth State.  A representative of the company, located in Littleton, NH (35 miles north of Plymouth), came down one day to take a few photos - and this was the result.  These animals were being trained by undergraduates enrolled in our Learning course, PS321, but they cordially agreed to take time out from their busy schedules to pose for the camera.