faculty homepage for
Paul W. Rogalus
Professor of English
Plymouth State University

        spring 2007
poetry/spoken word
    open mic's
       at the
Mandarin Taste

     (51 Main St., Plymouth)

Tuesday, March 27th                                                  

Tuesday, April 17th                                                             

Tuesday, May 8th                                                              

open mic's start at 8:00                                                                             

Mandarin mic's are open to everyone---
anyone may read or perform their own ORIGINAL pieces of poetry, prose, performanc art, or music.



Meat Sculptures is Paul’s outrageous collection of microstories.
  " . . . a smart and smart-ass microfiction collection . . . I laughed out loud at many of the passages. This  is the kind of read you can come back to again and again."                     

                          -----Ralph Haselmann, Jr.      
                                      Lucid Moon Book Reviews  

Meat Sculptures (ISBN 1-891408-23-2, $5.00) is published by Green Bean Press, P.O. Box 237,   NewYork, NY 10013, (718) 302-1955,  
                        and is available at the Plymouth Book Exchange.

 And a new story---"Border Patrol---can be found in The Bukowsi Hangover Project anthology (published by Sisyphus Press).


mwf 11:15--EN3720.01  Rounds303
tr9:30--EN3680.01 Memorial 103
tr12:30--EN3280.01  Memorial 103
office hours: mwf 9:00-10:00
phone: 535-2392