Wendy Palmquist

Professor, Psychology Department
Plymouth State College

My areas of interest are in adolescent development, the psychology of women, gay and lesbian studies, and curriculum development for first year students. 


Palmquist, W. J., & Shelton, L. G.  (1991).  Teaching adolescent development.  Journal of Early Adolescent Development, 11,152-171. 

Palmquist, W. J.  (1979).  Formal operational reasoning and the primacy effect in impression formation. Developmental Psychology, 15, 185-189. 

Hill, J. P., & Palmquist, W. J.  (1978).  Social cognition and social relations in early adolescence. International Journal of Behavioural Development, 1, 1-36.

Outside of the professional, I hike, camp, listen to a wide variety of music, read mysteries, play with my cats (too numerous to count), and am a part-time computer geek.