Mark J. Okrant is professor of tourism management and director of the Institute for New Hampshire Studies at Plymouth State University. He has coordinated tourism research for the State of New Hampshire since 1990, conducted tourism assessments in Aleut and Yupik communities in Alaska, and has presented tourism marketing and planning workshops in Alaska, Canada and Romania. Okrant was nominated to the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, is past president of the Travel and Tourism Research Association, and past president of the New England-St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society. He was the 1998 recipient of the Association of American Geographers’ John Rooney Award, for excellence in applied tourism research, the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the New England-St. Lawrence Valley Geographical Society, and is the author of five books. Judson' Island, a murder mystery set along the Maine coast, is used as a reader in university tourism planning courses. Sleeping Alongside the Road provides a retrospective on the American motel industry. A Last Resort, I Knew You When, and An Icy Reception, the first three books in Okrant's Kary Turnell Mystery Series, are set in historic resort properties.

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