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 Total time of selection should not exceed 8 minutes.  Please be accurate!   Requests for exceptions should be presented, by the performance study teacher, to the faculty at least two weeks prior to the desired date.
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In order to be included on the student recital program, Recital forms must be completed in all aspects and submitted by the Friday (4:00 pm) prior to the recital date. Incomplete forms, or those submitted past the deadline, will not be considered.   No exceptions!

There will be no changes, additions, or substitutions to submitted recital forms after the Friday 4:00 deadline.
Recitals do not exceed forty minutes of music.  Recital forms will be considered in the order in which they are received, until the maximum time is filled.  Any requests that are not included on one program will automatically be included on the next recital, unless performers withdraw their recital form.
No more than one form per student recital will be accepted unless time permits.  Once a student has already performed during a semester, additional performances will be allowed only if time permits.
Check here if you are updating or changing a recital form that you have already submitted.
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