Knighthood at PSU


Laura Tripodi, OBL
Diane Saunders, OTT
Victoria Miller, OTT
Dana Nevins, OBL

Lauren Danzi, OTT
Elizabeth Eaton, OTT
Kelley Osborne, OBL
Melanie Griffiths, OBL

Andrew Osborne, OBL
Andrew Frankel, OBL
Daniel Lieb, OTT
Craig Meyer, OTT

Jennifer Jones, OTT
John Grandi, OBL
John "Dez" Hoonhout, OTT
Roxanne Morrison, OBL

Medieval Society knighthoods are given annually at Medieval Forum, beginning in 2005. The candidates are selected by the elected leaders of the Society. They honor students of MedSoc who help with Forum as well as some people who have been lost, friends of the Forum.

The knighthood is given for service, scholarship, and loyalty. There is a plaque recording the recipients in the HUB, and each student receives a medal naming them to one of two orders. "OTT" is the Order of Todd Trevorrow and "OBL" is the order of Brian Levy. It follows the tradition of the OBE, Order of the British Empire, and the Order of the Garter. Todd Trevorrow was helpful, kind, willing to pitch right in and do things, well respected and well read. Brian Levy was charming, popular, well-spoken, brilliant, widely loved, a scholar and a teacher. Both were key supporters of Forum.