A Primer of Invertebrate Biology

This page will take you on a tour of the invertebrates. Just click on the taxonomic category of interest. As time progress each entry will have a series of pictures .

Kingdom Protista

Honorary Protozoans

Kingdom Metazoa

Phylum Myxozoa

Phylum Porifera

Phylum Placophora (Placozoa)

Phylum Cnidaria

  1. Class Scyphozoa
  2. Class Cubozoa
  3. Class Hydrozoa
  4. Class Anthozoa

Phylum Ctenophora

  1. Class Nuda
  2. Class Tentaculata

Phylum Platyhelminthes

  1. Class Turbellaria
  2. Class Cestoda
  3. Class Monogenea
  4. Class Trematoda

Phylum Gnathostomulida

Phylum Mesozoa

  1. Class Othonectida
  2. Class Rhombozoa

Phylum Rhynchocoela (Nemertea or Nemertinea)

Phylum Nematoda

Phylum Acanthocephala

Phylum Priapulida

Phylum Rotifera

Phylum Gastrotricha

Phylum Annelida

  1. Class Polychaeta
  2. Class Clitellata
    1. Subclass Oligochaeta
    2. Subclass Hirudinea
  3. Class Pogonophora
  4. Class Echiura

Phylum Sipunculida

Phylum Mollusca

  1. Class Gastropoda
  2. Class Bivalvia
  3. Class Scaphopoda
  4. Class Cephalopoda
  5. Class Polyplacophora
  6. Class Aplacophora
  7. Class Monoplacophora

Phylum Arthropoda (Directions for the arthropods)

Subphylum Trilobitomorpha

Class Trilobita

Subphyllum Chelicerata

Class Meristomata

Class Arachnida

Class Pycnogonida

Subphyllum Mandibulata

Class Chilopoda

Class Diplopoda

Class Hexapoda

Class Crustacea

Subclass Malacostraca

Order Isopoda

Order Euphausiacea

Order Stomatopoda

Order Decapoda

Subclass Branchiopoda

Subclass Ostracoda

Subclass Copepoda

Subclass Pentastomida

Subclass Cirripedia


Phylum Tardigrada

Phylum Onychophora

Phylum Phoronida

Phylum Brachipoda

Phylum Bryozoa

Phylum Entoprocta

Phylum Echinodermata

  1. Class Crinoidea
  2. Class Stelleroidea
  3. Class Echinoidea
  4. Class Holothuroidea

This primer was organized by Dr. Larry Spencer of the Natural Science Department, Boyd Hall, Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH 03264. The information was gathered by the members of his Invertebrate Zoology Class, Fall 1994. The pages were updated by two independent study students in 1995 and have been modified since then by me. The classification is after the scheme used in Pechenik.

Copyright @ 2001 by Larry T. Spencer