Kerry L. Yurewicz

Department of Biological Sciences

Plymouth State University

Plymouth, NH 03264

phone: (603) 535-3197




Species in ecological communities are linked to each other through complex networks of interactions.  One of the challenges ecologists face is to understand how different processes operating simultaneously through these networks influence the distribution and abundance of organisms.  In my research, I am interested in exploring the interactive effects of competition and predation on animal behavior, population dynamics, and species distributions.  I am also interested in the influence of body size on species interactions and its consequences to ecological populations and communities.  To investigate these issues, I have worked in freshwater ponds with larval amphibians and invertebrates, using a combination of laboratory observations, field experiments and surveys of natural communities.


I joined the Department of Biological Sciences at Plymouth State University in 2004, and teach courses including introductory biology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Freshwater Ecology.  For more information about my research interests and teaching, please use the buttons to the right.





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(Pond in northern Wisconsin, photo by K. Yurewicz)