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Time Tuesdays, 8:00-10:45 am
Room Boyd 209
Office hours 3 pm - 5 pm Tues.
11 am - 12 pm; 4pm -5pm Thurs.

Required materials

Book Exploring Chemical Analysis, 4th edition (2008), by Daniel C. Harris; ISBN:1429201479
Lab book Scientific Lab Notebook, Carbonless Duplicate; publisher: Hayden McNeil; ISBN: 1930882009, 193088284X, or 1930882505 (or other equivalent lab notebook with removable, carbonless duplicate pages).
Safety Glasses Any style. Just wear them!
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"Techniques in Laboratory Chemistry" is a one semester course intended for students majoring in Chemistry or a closely related field to be taken in the first year of study. Students will develop technical skills needed to accurately carry out precise laboratory experiments, particularly those involving analysis. These skills are critical for laboratory workers and researchers in many areas of chemistry and related fields, but they are sometimes stressed less in other laboratory courses aimed primarily at illustration of principles. Skills to be covered include mass and volume measurements, solution preparation, titration, analysis of mixtures and statistical data treatment. This course is a prerequisite for CH3360: Instrumental Analysis and is also required for students wishing to serve as student laboratory assistants.