Note: This is an older version of this course. Most of the material has been removed. Use the "Courses" link above to view the website for the latest course.


Lecture MWF, 10:10 - 11:00 am; Boyd 005
Lab Thurs, 2:00-4:00 pm; Boyd 209 (note change from published schedule)
Office hours 3 pm - 5 pm Tues.
11 am - 12 pm; 4pm -5pm Thurs.

Course Materials

Note: you do not need to purchase the "recommended" books. They are recommended to help you develop deeper understanding of the material and/or to serve as good reference books for students who intend to continue in the field. Copies of recommended books have been put on reserve at the Library.


Book Principles of Environmental Chemistry, 2nd ed. (2009), by James E Girard; ISBN: 0763759392
Lab notebook Any style of laboratory notebook is acceptable for this course
Safety Glasses Any style. Just wear them!


Book Environmental Chemistry, 9th ed. (2009), by Stanley Manahan; ISBN: 1420059203
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