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Dylan List (last updated January 25, 2005)

All items are on tape unless otherwise indicated.


The Genuine Bootleg Series-Take 1--(career spanning compilation--many studio     (on CD/CDR)
The Genuine Bootleg Series-Take 2--(career spanning compilation     (on CD/CDR)
The Genuine Bootleg Series-Take 3--Third One Now     (on CD/CDR)
The Genuine Never Ending Tour Covers 1988-2000 (9cds)     (on CD/CDR)
You Don't Know Me (career spanning compilation--mostly live)
I Was So Much Younger Then (4cd's)     (on CD/CDR)
A Legend in His Time-     (on CD/CDR)
Golden Vanity     (on CD/CDR)
20-20 Vision     (on CD/CDR)
Hard to Find V1     (on CD/CDR)
Hard to Find V2     (on CD/CDR)
Hard to Find V3
Hard to Find V4- Lost Diamonds     (on CD/CDR)
Hard to Find V6- Zip Gun     (on CD/CDR)
Hard to Find V7     (on CD/CDR)
After The Crash
One Timers     (on CD/CDR)
Ten of Swords     (on vinyl)
        The Minnesota Hotel Tapes
        'Bob Dylan' outtakes
        The Leeds Music Demos
        'Freewheelin' outtakes
        M. Witmark & Sons demos
        Gaslight Cafe
        Live in Concert 1963 -- Town/Carnegie Hall
        'Times' outtakes
        'Another Side' outtakes
        'Bringing it' outtakes
        'Highway 61 Revisited' outtakes
        The Band Sessions
        "Royal Albert Hall Concert" 1966
First Gaslight Cafe     (on vinyl)
Finjan Club     (on vinyl)
In The Pines     (on CD/CDR) (Leeds Music era)
Witmark Demos     (on CD/CDR)
Folk Rogue     (on CD/CDR)

John Bucklen Tape

Karen Wallace Sampler
Minnesota Party Tape 1 9/60

East Orange NJ Tape 2/61
Minnesota Party Tape 2 5/61
Carnegie Hall 11/4/61
The MacKensie Tapes 11/23/61 and 12/4/61
The Minnesota Tapes 1961     (on CD/CDR)

Skip Weshner Show NYC
Gerdes Folk City NYC 7/62
Billy Faier WBAI 10/62
Echo's Album (various 1961-1963)     (on CD/CDR)
Hard Times In New York City (various 1961-1962)     (on CD/CDR)

The Banjo Tape 2/8/63
World of Folk Music 3/63
The MacKensie Tape II 4/12/63
The Bear, Chicago 4/25/63
Forest Hills (w/ J. Baez) 8/17/63
Bob Dylan - In Concert
Freewheelin' Outtakes     (on CD/CDR)
Broadside  (various 1962-1963)     (on CD/CDR)

Quest CBC-TV 2/1/64
Emmett Grogan Acetates 7/9/64
Halloween Mask -Philharmonic Hall NYC  10/31/64      (on 2-CD/CDR)

1965 Revisisted-(Twelve tapes of various live, outtakes, and interviews)     (on CD/CDR)
Free Trade Hall Manchester, Eng  5/17/65
The Circus Is In Town- BBC Broadcast session     (on CD/CDR)
Berkeley 12/4/65
We Had Known A Lion - 9/3/65 Hollywood Bowl, LA     (on CD/CDR)
Highway 61 Revisited Again     (on CD/CDR)
Church With No Upstairs - var 65/66 sessions     (on CD/CDR)

Genuine Live 1966 (8 discs)     (on CD/CDR)
Away From the Past (2 discs)     (on CD/CDR)
A Week in the Life-various 66
Various 66-Melbourne/Dublin/Liverpool
Festival Hall Melbourne
Hempstead NY  2/26/66
Colston Hall, Bristol UK  5/10/66
Manchester 5/17/65
Edinburgh  5/20/66
Guitar Kissing and the Contemporary Fix     (on CD/CDR)
Thin Wild Mercury Music - studio outtakes     (on CD/CDR)
You Know Tom Thumb?     (on CD/CDR)
Tales of a Mexican Painter-Sydney-4/13/66     (on CD/CDR)

The Lost Basement Tapes Vol 1&2
Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 1-5     (on CD/CDR)
A Tree With Roots     (on 4-CD/CDR)

The Dylan / Cash Sessions
Isle of Wight 4-CD Anthology     (on 4-CD/CDR)
Almost Went to See Elvis - Studio 69-70 (with G. Harrison)      (on CD/CDR)

Concert for Bangla Desh 8/1/71      (on CD/CDR)

Phantoms of My Youth (1974 Tour Highlights)     (on CD/CDR)
Chicago Stadium-1/3/74
Chicago Stadium-1/4/74 (Dylan songs only)
The Spectrum-Philadelphia-1/6/74 (Aft.) (Dylan songs only)
The Spectrum-Philadelphia-1/6/74 (Eve.) (Dylan songs only)
Boston Garden-Dylan and the Band 1/14/74
Memphis - 1/23/74
Forever Young  1/31/74     (on CD/CDR)
1974 Tour Highlights
Blood on the Tapes   Blood on the Track outtakes     (on CD/CDR)
All of the Tracks Complete Blood on the Track outtakes

Plymouth MA 10/31/75
Waterbury Ct-11/11/75
Plymouth Rock      (on CD/CDR)
Rochester-11/17/75 (Aft.)
Rochester-11/17/75 (Eve.)
Boston Music Hall  11/21/75
A Night On The Spanish Stairs  Augusta ME  11/26/75     (on CD/CDR)
Bangor ME  Municipal Aud  11/27/75
Flaggin' Down The Double E's Toronto 12/1/75 (filler)     (on CD/CDR)
Montreal 12/4/75
Creatures Void of Form-New Orleans / Oklahoma City
Madison Square Garden-NYC 12/8/75

Going, Going Guam Tour Rehearals     (on 4-CD/CDR)
The Days Before Hard Rain  4/76
Rolling Thunder Rehearsals  4/15/76
Lakeland, FL  4/18/76
New Orleans  5/3/76
Hold the Fort For What It's Worth     (on CD/CDR)
Fort Worth-11/12/76
Hidden TV Show 4/22 and 5/23/76
Renaldo and Clara  (on CD/CDR)
Blood and Thunder Oklahoma City, OK  5/18/76 (filler)     (on CD/CDR)
Acoustic Thunder various 1976     (on CD/CDR)
Complete Last Waltz     (on CD/CDR)

Darkness at the Break of Noon 1/30/78     (on CD/CDR)
Far East Tour 2/24/78     (on CD/CDR)
Los Angeles, CA 6/2/78
Paris, France 7/4/78
Blackbushe, London 7/15/78
Providence, RI  10/78
Toronto 10/12/78
Changing of a Religious Seeker, Chicago, IL  10/18/78     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Charlotte, NC  12/10/78
The Rundown Rehearsal Tapes     (on CD/CDR)

Warfield Theater, San Francisco- 11-1-79 (New Found Faith)     (on CD/CDR)
Warfield Theater, San Francisco- 11-13-79 (complete show)
Warfield Theater, San Francisco- 11-16-79 (Contract with the Lord)     (on CD/CDR)
Civic Aud., Santa Monica 11-20-79
Civic Aud, Santa Monica, CA 11-21-79 (Preaching to the Converted)     (on CD/CDR)
Gammage Ctr, Tempe, AZ  11-26-79

Seeking Salvation 1/16/80     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Uptown Th Kansas City 1/29/80
Knoxville Grail 2/5/80     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Solid Rock-Massey Hall Toronto  4/80
The Born Again Music-Massey Hall Toronto 4/20/80     (on CD/CDR)
Rock Solid  4/19/80     (on CD/CDR)
Syracuse, NY  5/5/80     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Columbus, OH  5/20/80
Warfield Theater-San Francisco  11/12/80
Warfield Theater-San Francisco  11/14/80
Warfield Theater-San Francisco  11/15/80
Warfield Theater-San Francisco  11/16/80
Seattle WA (Rise Again) 11/30 80 with filler 11/17 and 11/26
1980 Tour Highlights

6/29/81 Earl's Court, London - A Bird's Nest in Your Hair     (on CD/CDR)
In The Summertime 7/10/81     (on CD/CDR)
Between Saved and Shot of Love     (on CD/CDR)
New Orleans, LA  11/10/81
Houston, TX-11/12/81
Dreams For Sale
Avignon, France 6/81 (True Stories)     (on CD/CDR)

Infidels outtakes  4/83
Rough Cuts (outtakes)      (on CD/CDR)

Gothenburg, Sweden  6/9/84
Barcelona, Spain  6/28/84
Paris, France  7/1/84
Important Words Ocean Way Studio 84 & 87
Outside the Empire  Empire Burlesque outtakes
Tempest Storm Empire Outs      (on CD/CDR)
From the Mountains of Madrid     (on CD/CDR)

Buffalo, NY  7/4/86 (4th of July Song and Dance)     (on vinyl)
Washington DC  7/7/86
Saratoga Springs(complete show with T. Petty)  7/13/86
Covering Them - Live '86     (on CD/CDR)
Precious Memories     (on CD/CDR)
Hearts of Fire Outs 8/27-28/86      (on CD/CDR)

Dylan and the Dead Rehearsals-The French Girl 5/87
Dylan and the Dead-Foxboro 7/4/87
Dylan and the Dead-Giants Stadium 7/12/87
                   Oakland  7/24/87
Dylan and the Dead (compiled by JG?)
Dylan and the Dead compilation tapes (by rmd) Vol 1 & 2
Torino, Italy  9/13/87
Ahoy, Rotterdam 9/19/87-Live      (on CD/CDR)
Dancing in the Dark (Rehearsals)      (on CD/CDR)

Concord, CA 6/7/88
Champs de Brionne, George, WA  6/10/88
Driftin' Too Far From Shore-Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mt. View CA  6/11/88
Saratoga Springs  6/26/1988     (on CD/CDR)
Blown Out On The Trail  6/30/88 Wantaugh, NY (with filler)     (on CD/CDR)
Bristol, Conn  9/4/88
New York City 10/18/88
Stuck Inside of New York  10/19/88 (with filler)     (on CD/CDR)
Acoustic Compilation 1988     (on CD/CDR)

Rochester Hills, MI  7/6/89
Saratoga Springs, NY  7/26/89      (on CD/CDR)
Ann Arbor, MI  11/1/89
Italy, 6/89 (All the way down to Italy)      (on CD/CDR)
Deeds of Mercy-Oh Mercy Outtakes
Ring Them Bells (outtakes)      (on CD/CDR)
Never Ending Tour Rehearsals 5/89
Hunter Like a Crocodile  6/10/89     (on CD/CDR)

Toad's Place-New Haven, CT  1/12/90
Political World-London  2/90
Staying Here With You -London 2/8/90     (on CD/CDR)

Travelling Wilburys-Vol 4
Travelling  Wilburys-Rarieties      (on CD/CDR)
Traveling Wilburys-Recovered Treasure     (on CD/CDR)

Paradise, Hawaiian Style 4/24/92 (with filler 11/8/90)     (on CD/CDR)
San Jose Event Center, San Jose, CA 5-9-92

Milan, Italy 6-27-93
New Orleans, La  4/30/93
Great Woods  9/14/93      (on CD/CDR)
Hollywood Bowl 10/2/93 (Stumblin' Along)      (on CD/CDR)
Supper Clubs, NYC  11/16 early, late "Upgrade"      (on CD/CDR)
                   11/17 early, late "Upgrade"      (on CD/CDR)

Japan 2/9/94 (complete) 2/20/94 (partial)
Hiroshima Japan 2/16/94
Springfield, IL 4-5-94
Davenport, IA 4-6-94
Peoria, IL  4-13-94
Bristol, TN 5-5-94
Nora-Great Music Experience--5/22/94
Cologne, Germany 7-10-94 (Love Minus Zero)     (on CD/CDR)
Prague, CZ 7-16-94
Portland, ME 8-10-94
Columbus, OH  8-21-94
Stratton MT. VT 8-12-94
Woodstock II, Saugerties, NY 8-17-94
South Bend, IN 8-24-94
Merrillville, IN--8/26/94
Always On My Mind Vol 1 (Detroit 8/29 with filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Ithaca, NY  10/1/94
Boston, MA  10-7-94
Boston, MA  10-8-94
Blue-Eyed Boston Boy     (on CD/CDR)
Albany, NY  10-14-94      (on CD/CDR)
New York City 10-19-94
All Along The Roseland  NYC  10/20/94 (with filler)     (on CD/CDR)
Washington, DC 10-30-94
Washington, DC  10-31-94
Roanoke, VA 11-2-94
Gainesville, GA  11/4/94
Afternoon Acoustic-The Unplugged Rehearsal 11/17/94      (on CD/CDR)
Uncut Unplugged-Unplugged Sessions, SONY Studios  11/17 & 18/94     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Live in the US 1994      (on CD/CDR)
Always On My Mind Vol I     (on CD/CDR)

With One Hand Waving Free-The Netherlands 3/20/95 and other 3/95      (on CD/CDR)
Live in Brixton, Brixton Acedemy, UK 3-30-95
Live in Brixton, Brixton Acedemy, UK 3/31/95
F*** The Playlist     (on CD/CDR)
Palm Desert, CA  5/15/95
Fox Warfield-San Francisco, CA  5/22/95
Seattle, WA  6/3/95
Portland, OR  6/6/95
Giants Stadium, NJ  6/19/95
Pedlar Now Speaks 6/21-22/95      (on CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA  6/21/95
Washington, DC  6/25/95
RnR HOF Cleveland, OH  9/2/95
Fort Lauderdale 9/23/95
Charleston, SC  10/7/95
Augusta, GA  10/10/95
Boston 12/9/95
Boston 12/10/95     (on CD/CDR)
NYC 12/11/95
NYC 12/14/95 (with Patti Smith's set)
Philadelphia 12/15/95
Philadelphia 12/17/95 (with Patti Smith's set : very low level)

Drew University-Madison NJ  4/13/96
Burlington, VT  4/17/96      (on CD/CDR)
Strand Th.-Providence RI  4/18/96
State Th.-Portland ME  4/19/96
State Th.-Portland ME  4/20/96
State Th.-Portland ME  4/21/96
Concert Hall-Toronto Canada 4/28/96
Syracuse, NY  4/30/96
Poughkeepsie NY  5/1/96
Cleveland Ohio 5/17/96
Classic Aud.-Richmond VA  5/4/96
Soul  6.17.96     (on CD/CDR)
Music Center Utrecht, Holland 6/21/96 (filler 6/17 and 6/22)
Always on my Mind Vol2 7/3/96
Christiania-Copenhagen, Denmark 7/23 + 24/96 (with filler)
Buffalo Bills Casino, Jean NV 10/19/96
Austin Music Hall, Austin TX 10/26/96
South Bend IN 11/22/96

Durham 4/11/97     (on CD/CDR)
Providence 4/17/97
Wheeling WV 4/28/97
Lincoln, NH  8/3/97
Scranton, PA  8/12/97
Weekend at Wolftrap 8/23-24/97     (on CD/CDR)
Tingley Park, IL 8/28/97
Cardiff, Wales  10/3/97
Asheville, NC 11/1/97
Colombus, OH  11/7/97
You Ain't Going Nowhere (11/14/97  San Jose plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Irving Plaza, NYC  12/8/97
Metro, Chicago 12/13/97
Metro, Chicago 12/14/97
El Rey Theatre, LA  12/17/97
El Rey Theatre, LA  12/18/97
Don't Be Late (12/19/97  El Rey Theatre, LA)      (on CD/CDR)
Parting of the Red Sea (12/20/97 El Rey Theatre, LA)     (on CD/CDR)
Bath in a Stream of Pure Heat      (on CD/CDR)

Not Dark Yet (1/14/98 New London CT. plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Time and Time Again (1/16/98 NYC)      (on CD/CDR)
Does The Big Apple (1/17/98  Madison Square Garden, NYC plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Madison Square Garden (1/21/98 MSG, NYC plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Sweet Marie (5/19/98 San Jose Arena, San Jose CA)      (on CD/CDR)
California or Bust (5-21-98 UCLA Pauley Pavilion, LA plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
I've Got New Eyes  6/4/98)      (on CD/CDR)
At The Globe (6-9-98 Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
I Have No One To Meet (6/11/98 Copenhagen, Denmark plus filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Walking With You In My Head (6/16/98 Essen Germany)     (on CD/CDR)
London, UK  6/27/98
Down Under The Lounge (8/19/98 Melbourne)      (on CD/CDR)
Eating Caviar in a King Size Bed (10/23/98 Minneapolis, MN with filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Madison Square Garden, NYC 11/1/98      (on CD/CDR)

Ace of Clubs  (on CD/CDR)
Fort Myers, FL  1/26/99
Daytona Beach, FL  1/29/99
Normal, Illinois  2/13/99     (on CD/CDR)
Binghamton, NY  2/19/99
The Lonely Graveyard Of My Mind (2/22/99-Troy, NY with filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Buffalo, NY  2/23/99
Portland, ME  2/25/99
Atlantic City, NJ  2/27/99
Lisbon, Portugal  4/7/99
Oporto, Portugal  4/8/99
Madrid, SP  4/14/99
Malaya, SP  4/17/99
Granada, SP  4/18/99
Barcelona, SP  4/22/99
Marseilles, FR  4/23/99
Vienna, AU  4/30/99
Denver, CO  6/5/99
Portland, OR  6/12/99
Eugene, OR  6/14/99
Chula Vista 6/25/99 (not complete)
Milwaukee, WI  7/4/99
Detroit, MI  7/6/99
Bristow, VA 7/10/99
Virginia Beach VA  7/13/99
Albany, NY  7/20/99      (on CD/CDR)
NYC, Tramps  7/26/99
Austin, TX  9/15/99
Baltimore, MD  11/8/99     (on CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA  11/9/99     (on CD/CDR)
Augusta, ME 11/11/99      (on CD/CDR)
Worcester, MA 11/14/99
Durham, NH  11/17/99     (on CD/CDR)
Not Standing In The Doorway (Live Time Out of Mind)     (on CD/CDR)

Anaheim, CA  3/10/00     (on CD/CDR)
Santa Cruz, CA  3/16/00     (on CD/CDR)
Reno, NV  3/17/00 (early and late)     (on CD/CDR)
Missoula, MT  3/22/00     (on CD/CDR)
Sioux Falls, SD  4/1/00     (on CD/CDR)
Cedar Rapids, IA  4/3/00 (with filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Omaha, NB  4/4/00     (on CD/CDR)
Stuttgart, Germany  5/8/00     (on CD/CDR)
Colgne, Germany  5/11/00     (on CD/CDR)
Oslo, Norway   5/19/00     (on CD/CDR)
Horsens, Denmark 5/21/00      (on CD/CDR)
Somebody Touched Me Berlin, Germany  5/23/00     (on CD/CDR)
Dresden, Germany  5/24/00     (on CD/CDR)
Regensburg, Germany  5/25/00     (on CD/CDR)
Portland, OR  6/15/00 (with 6/16/00 filler)      (on CD/CDR)
George, WA  6/17/00     (on CD/CDR)
Concord, CA  6/23/00     (on CD/CDR)
Mt. View, CA  6/24/00     (on CD/CDR)
Las Vegas, NV  6/27/00     (on CD/CDR)
Canandaigua, NY  7/19/00      (on CD/CDR)
Saratoga Springs, NY  7/23/00      (on CD/CDR)
Vicar Street, Dublin  9/13/00      (on CD/CDR)
Aberdeen, Scotland  9/16/00     (on CD/CDR)
Cardiff,  9/23/00     (on CD/CDR)
Portsmouth, UK  9/24/00     (on CD/CDR)
Portsmouth, UK  9/25/00     (on CD/CDR)
Hamburg, Germany  9/28/00      (on CD/CDR)
Frankfurt, Germany  9/29/00      (on CD/CDR)
Munester, Germany  10/1/00     (on CD/CDR)
Paris, France  10/3/00      (on CD/CDR)
London, UK  10/5/00     (on CD/CDR)
London, UK  10/6/00     (on CD/CDR)
Bloomington, IN  11/1/00     (on CD/CDR)
West Lafayette, IN  11/2/00     (on CD/CDR)
Oxford, OH  11/4/00     (on CD/CDR)
Ann Arbor, MI  11/5/00     (on CD/CDR)
Lowell, MA  11/11/00     (on CD/CDR)
Kingston,       11/12/00      (on CD/CDR)
Towson, MD  11/13/00     (on CD/CDR)
Acoustic 2000 (Various Venues 1 Disc)     (on CD/CDR)

Omiya, Japan  2/25/01     (on CD/CDR)
Yokohama, Japan 3/2/01     (on CD/CDR)
Tokyo, Japan  3/3/01     (on CD/CDR)
Nagoya, Japan  3/12/01      (on CD/CDR)
Tokyo, Japan  3/14/01     (on CD/CDR)
Ballina, Australia  3/31/01      (on CD/CDR)
Cape Girardeau, MO  4/25/01     (on CD/CDR)
Telluride, CO  8/21/01     (on CD/CDR)
Spokane, WA  10/5/01     (on CD/CDR)
Seattle, WA  10/6/01     (on CD/CDR)
Central Point, OR  10/9/01      (on CD/CDR)
San Francisco, CA  10/13/01      (on CD/CDR)
Los Angeles, CA  10/19/01      (on CD/CDR)
Sioux City  10/23/01     (on CD/CDR)
St. Paul, MN  10/25/01      (on CD/CDR)
Milwaukee, WI  10/28/01      (on CD/CDR)
Green Bay, WI  10/30/01      (on CD/CDR)
Madison, WI  10/31/01     (on CD/CDR)
Terre Haute, IN  11/2/01      (on CD/CDR)
Grand Rapids, MI  11/6/01      (on CD/CDR)
Detroit, MI  11/9/01      (on CD/CDR)
Columbus, OH  11/10/01     (on CD/CDR)
State College, PA  11/11/01      (on CD/CDR)
Washington, DC  11/15/01      (on CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA  11/17/01      (on CD/CDR)
New York, NY  11/19/01      (on CD/CDR)
Manchester, NH  11/21/01      (on CD/CDR)
Portland, ME  11/23/01      (on CD/CDR)
Boston, MA  11/24/01      (on CD/CDR)

Bournemouth, UK  5/5/02     (on CD/CDR)
Worcester, MA  8/2/02     (on CD/CDR)
Seattle, OR  10/4/02     (on CD/CDR)
Red Bluff, CA  10/7/02     (on CD/CDR)
Wiltern Theatre, LA  10/15/02     (on CD/CDR)
Wiltern Theatre, LA  10/16/02     (on CD/CDR)
Wiltern Theatre, LA  10/17/02     (on CD/CDR)
San Diego, CA  10/19/02     (on CD/CDR)
Las Vegas, NV  10/20/02     (on CD/CDR)
St. Paul, MN  10/30/02     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Kent OH  11/3/02     (on CD/CDR)
Indianpolis, IN  11/5/02 (both early and late)     (on CD/CDR)
Elmira, NY  11/9/02     (on CD/CDR)
Madison Square Garden, NYC  11/11/02     (on CD/CDR)
Madison Square Garden, NYC  11/13/02     (on CD/CDR)
Boston, MA  11/16/02     (on CD/CDR)
Fairfax, VA  11/22/02     (on CD/CDR)

Sydney, Australia  2/17/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Austin, TX  4/19/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Austin, TX  4/20/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Kelseyville, CA  7/25/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
NYC Hammerstein Ballroom  8/12/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
NYC Hammerstein Ballroom  8/13/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
NYC Hammerstein Ballroom  8/20/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Gilford, NH  8/21/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
London, Wembley Arena  11/15/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Dublin, The Point  11/17/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Sheffield, Hallam FM Arena  11/20/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Brimingham, NEC Arena  11/21/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
London, Shephards Bush  11/23/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
London, Carling Apollo Hammersmith  11/24/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
London, Carling Academy Brixton  11/25/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL  3/5/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL  3/6/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL  3/7/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Park West, Chicago, IL  3/8/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
The 9:30 Club, Washington, DC  4/2/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Washington, DC  4/3/03      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Washington, DC  4/4/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Meadowbrook, Gilford, NH  6/4/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Mohegan Sun Arena  Uncasville, CT  6/5/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Borgata Hotel Event Center  Atlantic City, NJ  6/6/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Bonnaroo Festival  Manchester, TN  6/11/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Influences Tape

Ryan Adams
Exit/Inn Nashville KY  10/28/99(w/ G. Welch)      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Malmo, Sweden  4/24/01      (on 1-CD/CDR)
The Paradiso, Amsterdam  2/6/02      (on 1-CD/CDR)

The Complete Unplugged MTV Show     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Allman Brothers
Second Coming -1969 demos      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Studio Sessions 1969-1975      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Whiskey A-Go-Go, LA  1/24/70     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Statesboro Blues, Ludlow's Garage  4/4/70     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Atlanta Pop Festival 7/3/70      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Atlanta Pop Festival 7/5/70      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Stonybrook Univ  7/26/70
Pittsburgh, PA  1/17/71
Keep On Pushin' Fillmore West 1/28/71      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Fillmore West 1/31/71
Fillmore East 6/27/71
A & R Studios, NYC 8/26/71
Warehouse, New Orleans  3/21/71
Central Park, NY 7/21/71
New Orleans-Blue Sky Revival 9/16/71      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Columbia, MO  1969
Manley Fieldhouse, Syracuse, NY  4/7/72
Spectrum, Phila, PA 7/12/72
Warehouse, New Orleans 12/31/72
Summer Jam, Watkins Glen, NY  7/28/73
Winterland, San Francisco, 9/26/73
Atlanta  11/73
Cow Palace, San Francisco  12/31/73     (on 4-CD/CDR)
San Francisco 10/27/89
The World Music Theater Tinley Park
Merriweather Post Pavilion 8/3/93
Beacon Theater 3/18/98
Beacon Theater 3/20/98
Milwaukee State Fair 8/11/98
Great Woods 9/19/98
Beacon Theatre, NYC  3/29/03      (on 2-CD/CDR)

The Band
Academy of Outtakes - The Genuine Rock of Ages      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Central Park in the Dark  6/30/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Blue Highways  7/31/73  - Jersey City, NJ      (on 1-CD/CDR)
More Blue Highways      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Roosevelt Raceway 8-1-73 -- Jersey City, NJ
Buffalo, NY 7-6-74 -- Rich Stadium
Winterland Arena, SF, CA  4/19/69      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Preacher Boys at Woodstock  8-6-69      (on 1-CD/CDR)
The Hollywood Bowl 7/10/70      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Take A Load For Free  9/18/76     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Crossing the Great Divide (3 CD Career Spanning Compilation - The Genuine Bootleg Series V4)      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Friends and Other Stangers - Last Waltz outs      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Country Boys      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Ophelia      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Richard Manuel - Whispering Pines      (on 1-CD/CDR)

White Album Demos
Sweetest Apples Vol 1 and 2      (on 1-CD/CDR each)
Ultra Rare Tracks Vol 1-6
Get Back Sessions      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Private Psychedelic Reels 66-68
Anthology Plus      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Anthology Extra     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Acoustic Masterpieces-The Esher Demos      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Unsurpassed Masters Vol I and II
Return to Abbey Road
Abbey Road #3
Strawberry Fields
Nothing is Real
Turn Me On Dead Man  John Barrett Tapes      (on 2-CD/CDR)
All Things Must Pass Pt. 1 and 2
Get Back Journal V1 Pt 1
Complete Rooftop Concert      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Control Room Montor Mixes
Lost Pepperland Real
Karlaplanstudio, Stockholm 10/24/63
Palais de Sports, Paris 9/8/65 (late)
Sam Houston Col., Houston 9/19/65 (early)
Tokyo, Japan 6/30/66
Last Night In Hamburg     (on 1-CD/CDR)
The Complete BBC Sessions     (on 9-CD/CDR)
The Get Back Journals Vol I (8 tapes)
The Get Back Journal Vol II (8 tapes)
Revolving     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Soul Sessions     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Alternative Rubber Soul     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Alternative Revolver     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Alternative Abbey Road     (on 1-CD/CDR)
The Alternative White Album     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Whitology     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Alternative Hey Jude (Hey Jude album with alternative mixes as well)     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Artifacts I (5 discs)     (on 5-CD/CDR)
Artifacts II (5 discs)     (on 5-CD/CDR)
Artifacts III-Solo Compilation      (on 4-CD/CDR)
Mythology Vol I-II-III     (on 11-CD/CDR)
Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1-7      (on 1-CD/CDR each)
Ultimate Live Masters (Live 63/64)     (on 1-CD/CDR)
White Sessions Vol 1 - June 4 - July 29, 68     (on 2-CD/CDR)
White Sessions Vol 2 - July 30 - Oct 13, 68     (on 2-CD/CDR)
        George Harrison
               Beware of Abkco
                More Songs For Patti       (on CD/CDR)
        John Lennon
                Imagine All The Outtakes      (on CD/CDR)
                Listen to This (Wall and Bridges Outtakes)     (on CD/CDR)

The Be Good Tanyas
Strawberry Music Festival  9/1/02     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Billy Bragg
Gene Autry Museum-Los Angeles, CA  8/31/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)

The Byrds
Live in LA, CA  1970     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Jackson Browne
Live at Stony Brook 2/24/72     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Bryn Mawr - The Mainpoint  8/15/73     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Caldonia Music Hall - San Francisco  3/1/75     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Get It On Tulane - 3/2/75     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Johnny Cash
Copenhagen Denmark 1971     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Irvine Plaza, NYC  9/7/96     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Eric Clapton
Further On Up the Crossroads
Myself Kangawaga, Japan  11/24/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)

The Clash
No Elvis, Beatles or Rolling Stones - superb live compilation      (on 2-CD/CDR)
This is the Clash - Aragon Ballroom 11/14/79      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Ry Cooder
If Walls Could Sing - Sausalito Record Plant 1974     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Live at the BottomLine - May 1976     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Borderline Amsterdam - 1/23/77     (on 2-CD/CDR)
with David Lindley - Osaka 1979      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Live in Kansas City  2/24/81      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Slide on Dropdown D - Live Santa Cruz 1987      (on 1-CD/CDR)
with David Lindley -Family Tour - Vienna 6/7/95      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Elvis Costello
Winterland, SF, CA  6/7/78     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Live at Lehigh Community College, Bethlehem, PA  4/16/79     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Brixton Academy, London  3/29/95 (45 min)
Brixton Academy, London  3/30/95 (45 min)
I Did Talk To Bob Dylan 3/95 (compilation)       (on 1-CD/CDR)
Europe 1995 (Live Kojak Variety songs)
When Animals Attack-Live at the Ford Theatre, LA     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Aging Gracefully 5/21/96 Live at Fillmore Aud, SF       (on 2-CD/CDR)
Between Wisdom and Murder 5/22/96 Early S2-how Supper Club, NYC      (on 2-CD/CDR)
I Never Talked to Jim Reeves 11/27/94      (on CD/CDR)
Class Act  12/10/99 London (with filler from fall/winter tour)      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Nashville and More (Almost Blue Demos)     (on 1-CD/CDR)

10/15/67     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Sheryl Crow
Cape Girardeau, MO  12/2/00      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Cape Girardeau, MO  12/14/01      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Iris Dement
Duets      (on 1-CD/CDR)
B-sides and Rarities      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Strawberry Music Festival 5/24/98      (on 1-CD/CDR)

The Doors
The Matrix Tapes      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Bootleg Box Set     (on 4-CD/CDR)

Steve Earle
Uncut Gems      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Come Back Woody Guthrie  11/16/97      (on 2-CD/CDR)
with the Del McCoury Band  5/12/99      (on 1-CD/CDR)
with the Del McCoury Band - Cheltenham Town Hall  5/23/99     (on 3-CD/CDR)
Chiari, Italy  10/23/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Paradiso Live Amsterdam  10/2/00      (on 1-CD/CDR)
The Showbox   Seattle, WA  6/16/02     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Theater of the Living Arts  Philadelphia, PA  11/23/02     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Kulturkeler, Fulda, Germany  6/6/94      (on 1-CD/CDR)
San Francisco, CA  4/17/98      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Double Door Inn, Charlotte NC  10/5/99      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco  11/15/99      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Frankfurt, Germany  5/19/00      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Grateful Dead
Covers and Live Rarieties     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Luxemburg, GE  5/16/72     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Philadelphia Civic Center  8/5/74     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Dead Cover Dylan (with two numbers with Dylan from '87)       (on 1-CD/CDR)
Garcia Does Dylan -rmd compilation tape
Dead Does Dylan -rmd compilation tape
Albany 3/25/90 Set II
Boston Garden 9/27/94 Set I
Jerry Garcia Band-Hampton Beach, NH 8/13/84 Set I

Guns 'n Roses
No Refrain (studio demos)     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Howlin' Wolf
20 Reflective Recordings

EmmyLou Harris
Shepard's Bush  London  11/23/95     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA 4/11/95      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Basel, Switzerland  11/9/00       (on 2-CD/CDR)

Hot Tuna
Winterland Arena 12/31/69      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Jack & Jorma, The Original Acoustic Hot Tuna  11/30/00      (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Fillmore, San Francisco  12/7/00      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Catherine Irwin
Grey Eagle Tavern, Asheville, NC  5/11/02      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Knitting Factory, NYC  11/14/02      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Robert Earl Keen
Kuumbwa Jazz Festival , Santa Cruz, CA  12/4/99       (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, CA  12/4/99       (on 2-CD/CDR)
Texas Uprising  6/17/01       (on 2-CD/CDR)

Alison Krauss
Delaware Bluegrass Festival  2/9/95     (on CD/CDR)

Led Zeppelin
Destroyer 4/27/77      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Dave Matthews Band
9/11/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Del McCoury Band
Thomas Point Beach, ME  Aug 2002      (on 1-CD/CDR)   (incredible show)

Buddy and Julie Miller
Strawberry Festival  5/28/00      (on 1-CD/CDR)
At the Borderline      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Joni Mitchell
Club 47, Boston, MA 1/4/67      (on 1-CD/CDR)
'72     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Alternative Blue      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Bill Monroe
Univ. of Wisconsin  2/13/67     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Randy Newman
Political Science - Denver, CO -Summer 1974       (on 1-CD/CDR)  (with filler Holland 3/11/82)

Pearl Jam
Bridge Concert Benefit-10/1 & 2/94 Mt. View CA
Voters for Choice Benefit- 1-14-95 --Washington, DC Constituiton Hall
Covering 'Em (Selves) (Various Covers and Unreleased)      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Tom Petty
Live at the Fillmore 2/7/97
Scranton, PA  6/27/01     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Gainesville,  10/23/94
Glens Falls, NY  10/31/94  (featuring the White Album)
Rosemont Horizon, ILL  10/31/95  (featuring Quadrophenia)

John Prine
Strawberry Festival - Yosemite, CA  5/24/97       (on 2-CD/CDR)
Strawberry Festival - Yosemite, CA  5/29/99       (on 2-CD/CDR)

Bonnie Raitt
Philadelphia Folk Festival  70-71-72     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Syracuse, NY  3/27/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA  3/22/72     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Ultrasonic Studios w/Lowell George  10/17/77     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Condiments '75     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Rockerfeller  Houston, TX '88     (on 1-CD/CDR)

File Under Kudau Georgia Jan 1983     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Chicago, IL  2/7/84     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Songs From Little America  Live Summer 1984     (on 1-CD/CDR)
These Days Live Reconstruction II Tour  1985     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Old Man Kensey     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Revolution Milan, Italy  2/25/95     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Atlanta, GE  8/13/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)

The Rolling Stones
7/4/69 Hyde Park London     (on 1-CD/CDR)
11/8/69 The Forum, Los Angeles     (on 1-CD/CDR)
11/9/69 LiveR Than You'll Ever Be Oakland     (on 1-CD/CDR)
The Trident Demos
Promotional Rescue
Itchy Fingers
The Black Box-outtakes '64-'73     (on 3-CD/CDR)
Hampton, VA  12/18/81
London, UK 6/12/99      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA  9/18/02     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Simon and Garfunkel
Miami Univ. - Oxford, OH  11/11/69       (on CD/CDR)

Bruce Springsteen
The Lost Masters Vol 1-19  (1-disc each)
The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA  4/24/73      (on 1-CD/CDR)
WBCN Studios, Boston, MA  4/9/74      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Harvard Square Theatre  Cambridge, MA  5/9/74      (on 1-CD/CDR)
My Father's Place Roslyn, NY  7/31/73     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Flesh and Fantasy - Boston 10/29/74     (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Saint, The Incident and The Main Point Schuffle 2/5/75     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Bottom Line, New York, NY  8/15/75      (on 2-CD/CDR)<>
The Homecoming  10/11/75     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Ain't Nobody Here From Billboard Tonight Roxy Theatre, LA  10/17/75     (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Ties That Bind (unrelease studio)     (on CD/CDR)
Running Into The Darkness  3/77     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Cleveland Agora  9/8/78     (on 3-CD/CDR)
Capitol Theatre  Passaic, NJ  9/19/78      (on 3-CD/CDR)<>
Live in the Promise Land 12/15/78
Warming Up The River Tour 80-81     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Independence Day  7/4/85      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Bloomington Nights 1988      (on 3-CD/CDR)
USA Blues  92/93      (on 1-CD/CDR)  
Deep Down in the Vaults (companion to Tracks)      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1-4      (on 1-CD/CDR each)
Misunderstood-Philadelphia 12/10/95 (with filler)      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Opening Night  Meadowlands, NJ  8/15/99     (on 3-CD/CDR)
Boston, MA 8/26/99      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Boston, MA 8/27/99      (on 3-CD/CDR)
The Genuine Tracks 1972-1996      (on 4-CD/CDR)
Gillette Stadium, Boston, MA  8/2/03     (on 3-CD/CDR)
Fenway Park, Boston, MA  9/7/03     (on 3-CD/CDR)
Shea Stadium, NYC  10/4/03     (on 3-CD/CDR)

Cat Stevens
KCET Studios  6/8/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Hard Headed Woman  1974      (on 1-CD/CDR)

James Taylor
(w/ Carole King)  Syracuse, NY  2/5/70     (on 1-CD/CDR)
(w/ Carole King) Berkley Community Theater  5/23/70     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Carnegie Hall  5/1/74     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Carnegie Hall  8/16/74     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Close Your Eyes (w/ Joni Mithchell)     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Telluride Bluegrass Festival 1990      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Susan Tedeschi
2/22/00     (on 2-CD/CDR)

<>Richard Thompson
Rafferty's Folly (Shoot Out The Lights alternate version)      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Strange Affair (various 1977-80)      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Blackhorse Folk Club 6/23/80      (on CD/CDR)
Cambridge Folk Festival 8/1/80      (on CD/CDR)
Nocturnal Emissions (various 80-82)      (on CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA--5/11/82
Uppsala  11/23/82       (on 2-CD/CDR)
Second Chance  Ann Arbor, MI  10/16/83     (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Ark  Ann Arbor, MI  3/29/85     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Across A Crowded Room-USA 1985      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Straws in the Wind  10/17/86     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Philadelphia, PA--11/86
Los Angeles, PA--3/88
Iron Horse, Northhampton, MA  02/22/90      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Iron Horse, Northhampton, MA  02/23/90      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Bottom Line, NYC  03/03/92 (early and late)      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Bottom Line, NYC  03/04/92 (early and late)      (on 3-CD/CDR)
<>Bottomline, NYC(early)  3/4/92 (All-Request Show)
Chapel Hill, NC--8/13/94(Cat's Cradel)
A Little Comedy, A Little Agony-Royal Albert Hall 5/15/96      (on 2-CD/CDR)
King Of Bohemia Ventura CA 9/9/91      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Lost In Seattle-Seattle WA 3/12/94      (on 1-CD/CDR)
"Alone with His Guitar" filler: misc. promos & live 1982 Jan/Sep     (on CD/CDR)
New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place 1988 Aug 4     (on CD/CDR)
Clown Time is Over 3/94      (on CD/CDR)
Big City Classics 3/92 Live at the Bottom Line      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Santa Rosa, CA (pt 1)9/27/96
San Juan Capistrano 6/19/97
Sights and Sound of London Town-London 8/12/99      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Meets the Wild Duck - Eugene OR  9/13/99     (on CD/CDR)
Rytmeposten, Odense, Denmark  5/14/00     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Newcastle Night - Newcastle Opera House 8/6/2000      (on 2-CD/CDR)
King Cat Theater  Seattle, WA  3/12/01     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Portland, OR  03/13/01      (on 2-CD/CDR)<>
Straatfestival, Vlissingen, The Netherlands  7/8/01     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Getty Set  10/19/01     (on 2-CD/CDR)
St. Paul, MN  3/2/02     (on 2-CD/CDR)
1000 Years of Popular Music - Joe's Pub  7/9/02      (on CD/CDR)
BBC, Wrexham Wales  8/24/02      (on CD/CDR)
The Birchmere  11/03/03      (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Birchmere  11/04/03      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Pete Townshend
The Lifehouse Sessions      (on 1-CD/CDR)

Derek Trucks
4/9/00     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Muddy Waters
NY  10/18/77     (on 1-CD/CDR)

Tom Waits
VH1 Storytellers     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Toronto Canada  8/24/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Doc Watson
At Merlefest  7/12/80     (on CD/CDR)

Gillian Welch
Live and Obscure     (on CD/CDR)
Covers and Rarities     (on CD/CDR)
Rawlings Compilation      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Gill's Early Years: Demos and Live      (on 3-CD/CDR)
The Station Inn  5/19/94      (on 1-CD/CDR)
San Francisco 1994     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Previval - Revival Demos  1995      (on CD/CDR)
Strawberry Festival  9/02/95      (on CD/CDR)
Berkely 11-96     (on CD/CDR)
Merlefest '97     (on CD/CDR)
Austin City Limits  1997     (on CD/CDR)
Amy's Orchid Lounge  5/25/97      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Strawberry Festival 8/30/97      (on CD/CDR)
Live at the Acoustic Stage  9/27/97     (on CD/CDR)
Session at West 54th 1998     (on CD/CDR)
Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA  5/21/98     (on CD/CDR)
Moments  Bremen, Germany  1/31/99      (on CD/CDR)
Off Broadway  St. Louis, MO  7/5/99     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Strawberry Music Festival 9/4/99      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Arts and Science Center  Hickory, NC  10/2/99 (with Peter Rowan)      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Merlefest, Wilkesboro, NC  4/29/00     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Theatre of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA  8/7/01 (2nd set)     (on CD/CDR)
Rocky Mtn. Folks Festival - Lyons, CO  8/19/01     (on CD/CDR)
The Showbox  Seattle, WA  8/28/01     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Strawberry Festival  9/02/01      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Luumba Jazz Center - Santa Cruz, CA   9/4/01     (on CD/CDR)
Merlefest 2002  4/26/02      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Merlefest - Austin Songwriters Stage  4/28/02     (on CD/CDR)
Moore Theatre  Seattle, WA  6/23/02     (on 2-CD/CDR)
The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA  6/26/02     (on CD/CDR)
The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA  6/28/02     (on CD/CDR)
Bristol  12/4/02      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Shepherd' Bush - London  9/3/03      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Calvin College - Grand Rapids, MI  9/17/03      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Workplay Theater  3/20/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Merlefest  Austin Stage 4/30/04      (on CD/CDR)
Merlefest   Creekside Stage  5/1/04      (on CD/CDR)
Bonnaroo Festival  6/11/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
Shepherd's Bush  7/29/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)
LSO  8/02/04      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Price of  Wales  11/11/04      (on 2-CD/CDR)

The White Stripes
Live in San Francisco  4/28/03 (mp3 source)     (on 2-CD/CDR)

Yankee Foxtrot Hotel Demo's      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Union College  4/27/00      (on 2-CD/CDR)

Lucinda Williams
Loose Ends and Scattered Songs     (on CD/CDR)
McCabe's Guitar Shop - Santa Monica, CA  8/9/91      (on CD/CDR)
Atlanta, GA  10/29/92     (on CD/CDR)
Sweet Old World Demos  1992       (on CD/CDR)
Ottawa, Canada  10/13/98     (on CD/CDR)
The Orpheum, Boston  11/16/99     (on CD/CDR)
Caravan of Dreams Fort Worth, TX 3/13/01     (on CD/CDR)
Poetry Sung ... Poetry Said  (with Miller Williams)  3/30/01      (on CD/CDR)
Riveria Theatre  12/8/01     (on CD/CDR)
The Essence Tour 2001 Compilations      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA  7/22/02      (on CD/CDR)

Neil Young
The Bottom Line-NYC 5/16/74
SNACK 3-23-75-San Francisco-with Dylan and Band(-Robertson)
Boston Music Hall 11/22/1976  Early and late
Bridge Benefit Concert 1994
Rotterdam, Holland 1988
Voters for Choice Benefit 1-14-95 Constituiton Hall, Washington,DC
Golden Gate Park (with Pearl Jam)  6/24/95
Archives Be Damned, Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3
Rehearsal Tape (4/90, 12/70, CSNY 5/74)
Oak Creek, AZ--10/22/94
Seattle, WA--1/21/92
Waldbuhne, Berlin (w/ Pearl Jam) 1995
Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH  2/25/70
Bridge concert 10/28/95 (complete:Young, Beck, EmmyLou Harris, Pretenders, Blowfish and Springsteen)
Cow Palace San Francisco, CA 11/21/86
The Echoes, Live at Old Princeton Landing 3/21/96
His Piano Concerto
Boarding House, SF 5/27/78
Rainbow Th, London 11/5/73
Complex Sessions
Tempodrome, Berlin 5/11/87
Yonder Stands the Outtakes (w/ A Life On the Road Bonus Tracks)      (on 1-CD/CDR)
Trail of the Buffalo - compilation      (on CD/CDR)
Rarities - compilation     (on CD/CDR)
Rock and Roll Cowboy - Career Spanning Compilation     (on CD/CDR)
Fillmore Concert, NYC  3/6/70     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Spirit of 69 Santa Monica, CA  3/28/70     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Live at Carnagie Hall, NY  12/5/70     (on CD/CDR)
Boston, MA(early)  1/21/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
I'm Happy that Y'all Came Down, LA  2/1/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
November Fog, London  2/23/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
London  2/27/71     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Laid Back and Laughing (with the Stray Gators)  Detroit, MI  1/8/73     (on 2-CD/CDR)
Lonely Weekend, Toronto, CAN  1/15/73     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Last Dance, NYC  1/21/73     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Don't Be Denied var 73     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Roxy Night   Hollywood, CA (early show) 9/21/73     (on CD/CDR)
Sunset Strip  Hollywood, CA (late show)  9/22/73     (on CD/CDR)
Rock 'n' Roll Can Never Die  Manchester, UK  11/3/73     (on CD/CDR)
Tequila Night  London, UK  11/5/73     (on CD/CDR)
Goodbye Waterface  Queens College, NY  11/15/73     (on CD/CDR)
Human Highway (unreleased album - CSNY  1974)     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Citizen Kane Junior Blues  Bottom Line, NY  5/16/74     (on CD/CDR)
Dancing Across the Water, Osaka, Festival Hall  3/1/76     (on CD/CDR)
Santa Cruz, The Catalyst  7/13/82     (on CD/CDR)
Santa Cruz, The Catalyst  2/7/84 (Violent Side)      (on CD/CDR)
Austin, TX  Last of a Dying Breed  9/25/84      (on CD/CDR)
St. Louis, MO, Fox Theatre  10/22/86      (on CD/CDR)
Toronto-Canadian National Exhibition  8/18/88     (on CD/CDR)
Times Square Unreleased LP 1989     (on 1-CD/CDR)
Centre Stage, TV Show WTTW, Chicago  11/17/92     (on CD/CDR)
Dublin, Ireland  (with Pearl Jam)  8/6/95      (on CD/CDR)
Frankfurt, Germany  Big Time in Frankfurt  7/14/96      (on CD/CDR)
Mt. View, CA Restless World  7/4/97      (on CD/CDR)
An Evening With Neil Young  Seattle, Washington 3/5/99      (on CD/CDR)
Down By The River Oakland  3/20/99     (on CD/CDR)
An Evening With Neil Young-Solo, Houston,  6/2/99     (on CD/CDR)
Highlight From 1999 Tour     (on CD/CDR)
Between the Lines-Camden, NJ 8/9/00 (with filler)      (on CD/CDR)
Hershey, PA  8/11/00      (on CD/CDR)
Absolutely Acoustic     (on 2-CD/CDR)
21st Century Stealth  San Francisco  1/11/01     (on CD/CDR)
Sheffield Arena, UK  6/9/01     (on CD/CDR)
Birmingham NEC Arena UK  6/15/01     (on CD/CDR)
Hanburg, Germany  4/29/03      (on 3-CD/CDR)
Milwaukee, WI  6/19/03     (on 2-CD/CDR)
    with CSNY Red Woods Los Angeles Forum 6/28/70      (on CD/CDR)
    with CSNY  Roosevelt Raceway  9/8/74     (on CD/CDR)
    with CSNY Opening Night Detroit  1/24/00     (on CD/CDR)
    with CSNY Boston, MA  3/26/00     (on 3-CD/CDR)
    with CSNY Boston, MA  3.3.02     (on 3-CD/CDR)

Warren Zevon
Tower Theatre - Philadelphia, PA  4/22/80       (on CD/CDR)
The Metro - Boston, MA  9/29/82       (on CD/CDR)