August 1970 marked the origin of Geographers on Film (GOF). The series includes 546 GOF productions - 306 film and videotape interviews (varying from 10 - 96 minutes) of the thought and reflections of 274 geographers (151 hours), plus 240 Additional Holdings (137.75 hours) which feature distinctive themes (varying from 10-196 minutes) and embody 130 supplemental geographers - expanding the number to 394 geographers incorporated within GOF. Fifty-eight of the GOF films/videos are multiple interviews of thirty selected individuals (e. g. Richard Hartshorne, 1972, 1978, 1979, 1986A,1986B). Supplementary productions (2.5 hours) include two 1/4" audio tapes (George B. Cressey and Joseph E. Spencer) and a silent film transformed to VHS. The complete GOF series (288.83 hours) has been converted to the readily accessible VHS format and is available through rental. Direct all rental inquiries to M. W. Dow, Geographers on Film, 44 Towne Road, Bristol NH 03222, or (603) 744-8846, or Copies of the GOF collection are deposited in the Vincent Voice Library (VVL) at Michigan State University. The VVL facilitates worldwide utilization of the series by provideng Internet access to selected visual images. To survey links to the GOF series go back to Maynard Weston Dow's homepage and click on the 3rd entry listed under Links: Geographers on Film: ONLINE at Michigan State University: [Women Geographers on Film I: A Retrospective: Survival in the Male-dominated Academe, 1990.]

For a brief introduction to GOF, please consider the following questions:

Who founded the Association of American Geographers (AAG)?

(The following documents are MS Word Files and may be downloaded.)

1. Paper: Geographers on Film - Visual Record and Archival Resource, 10pp.

2. List of Interviews, 8pp.

3. Bibliographic Listing of Additional Holdings, 24pp.

4. Thematic GOF Presentations, 12pp.

5. Geographers on Film Capsule Comments: (Summary of Each Interview), 64pp.

6. Selected Online GOF Transcriptions (Work in Progress), 297pp.

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