Learn to Program with JAVA in CS-237

at Plymouth State College

To be offered: Spring semester 1998

Instructor: Evelyn Stiller

Java faciliates: Event-driven
Programming, Graphical User Interfaces, Network Programming, and

Course Text:

Java How to Program Second Edition. by H. M. Deitel and P. J. Deitel. Prentice Hall, Inc. 1998

Programming with Java will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the programming environment (WinEdit).
  2. Introduction to object-oriented concepts information hiding and encapsulation.
  3. Viewing problems from an object-oriented perspective.
  4. Variables, constants, literal values, and the atomic types.
  5. Assignment statements, arithmetic expressions, and order of precedence.
  6. The elements of a class, instance variables and methods, the classifications public and private, and object creation.
  7. Flow of control with method invocation and the method main
  8. Scope of variables and methods.
  9. Static (class) vs. instance variables
  10. Value parameter passing and return values.
  11. Simple input/output.
  12. Conditional statements, if and switch, and relational expressions,
  13. Nested conditions and else.
  14. Inheritance
  15. Graphical User Interface
  16. Event Handling
  17. Applets
  18. Converting applications to applets
  19. Iterative expressions, while, for, and do-while.
  20. Nested loops.
  21. Arrays of atomic types.
  22. Arrays of objects.
  23. Using multiple classes, embedded classes.
  24. Object parameters
  25. File input/output
  26. Program design and class design.