Anil B Waghe, Ph.D.



Office: Boyd Science Center 102




Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow2003-2005 University of Oklahoma

Ph.D. 2003University of Maine

M.Sc. 1988 Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India
B.Sc.1986 University of Bombay, India



Associate Professor of Chemistry
Program Coordinator for Chemistry & Biochemistry




My B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD all degrees are in chemistry. Chemistry is a universal science which explains things using basic fundamental rules. Understanding and applying these basic rules is a key to reveal secrets of universe. Many students try to cut corners and run for the door without picking up this key and become very frustrated at the door.

I love chemistry because I know this is the science which applies to living and nonliving systems. Without reading and memorizing hundreds of book answers of many questions can be found out by knowing some principles.

Some of top research ideas are based on very simple principles. Best scientist and teachers explain hardest concepts by breaking it up in to simple easy to understand ideas.


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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Teaching chemistry is one of the most rewarding jobs Chemists work in following industries.

Arms and explosives, Electronics and Electroplating, Environmental labs, Forensic labs, Surfactants and cleaning products, polymers and elastomers, food and flavors, perfumes and cosmetics, research and development, teaching, thermal and nuclear power plants, oil and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical and dental