This site provides reports of principal tourism research projects conducted by the Institute for New Hampshire Studies at Plymouth (NH) State College, for the Division of Travel and Tourism Development, New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development. Contained at this site are the most recent reports, as well as an order form for those who prefer a staple-bound hard copy.


·         Latest seasonal and annual State Travel Barometers 

Travel Barometers contain information on a series of New Hampshire travel indicators including: rooms and meals revenues, employment data, gasoline sales, traffic counts, lodging occupancy, attendance at attractions, DTTD inquiries, foreign currencies, and the prime rate.These depict travel activity during recent travel periods and the factors that have influenced visitation.

·         New Hampshire’s Travel Markets 

New Hampshire’s International Travel Markets shows the number of recent visitors to New Hampshire and New England from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. A detailed profile of the Canadian visitor is provided.

The Northeast Travel Habits report provides specific marketing/promotion-related information about such travel related phenomena as: the impact of the events of September 11, 2001 on people’s travel plans; travel planning cycles; attitudes toward email as a marketing tool; and attitudes toward NH travel information mailed to home addresses.


·        Group Tour Survey Report

The Group Tour Survey Report provides results of a survey of properties in New Hampshire considered to be “group friendly.”   


·         Seasonal Visitor Surveys 

Seasonal Visitor Surveys provide data about visitors’ demographic backgrounds, reasons for travel, leading activities, length of stay, spending, information sources, etc., while in New Hampshire.


·         Travel Economics Report, Return on Investment, Rooms and Meals Taxes

Travel Economics Report, Return on Investment and Rooms & Meals Taxes Collected provides a detailed breakout of statewide and tourism region-level visitation and spending. An Input-Output Model is provided. Also, an analysis of traveler impacts and data on spending at commercial lodgings are provided. The Return on Investment model calculates the dollar return on advertising placed by the State Division of Travel and Tourism Development. Rooms and Meals Tax data for 2000, 2001 and 2002 also are provided at this site.


·         Conversion Reports

Conversion studies measure:  DTTD’s efforts at reaching specific market areas, the effectiveness of   specific marketing tools (e.g., the internet), and/or the results of tourism marketing efforts for a single visitor season (e.g., Summer, Winter).


·        JPP Evaluation Summary Report

The JPP Evaluation Summary Report examines the previous fiscal year’s Joint Promotional Program evaluation reports to determine the forms of marketing/advertising/promotion and the specific markets that have produced desirable versus undesirable results for grant recipients.